Vale and my recent problems



Edited September 12, 2021 :

My PC got broken recently (failed to boot)
So my plan to continue sharing peds skin mod from Mobile Legends that was originally packed in GTA MOL, will be delayed,  paused, discontinued, depending on whether my PC can be repaired or not. 
Just for info, all of them only old skin from 2018-2019 before packed to locked IMG. Unfortunately I can't unlock it even though it might be possible. 
The Mobile Legends models (including FBX format) already shared on the internet, just google it on Deviantart (user Kitty in hiding, i think). So as long as you know how to rig GTA SA peds skin, you can convert them to GTA SA by yourself or asking other modders.
Off course, i still able online via other devices or go to internet cafe, but i can't do anything about modding.
This post will be edited or deleted if the problem can be fixed.
Sorry for the inconvenience ...

Vale Windtalker (2019 version)

mod for game = SA PC (maybe work for Android SA)

Rig by Yuniwii 





Hylos Grand Warden (2019 version)
mod for game = SA PC (maybe work for Android SA)
Rig by Yuniwii .

This mod have bugs in legs animation. I can't fix it. Use as test.