January 2019



GTA SA Ped skin

This is conversion for character Eudora; at the moment to GTA San Andreas.

update : add Vivo Selfie Goddess

Eudora from Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Publisher : MoonTon.


hero ID = 15

Stories :

Ever since she was an apprentice wizard, Eudora's special talent for controlling lightning always shocked her many teachers. After a brief period of study, her teachers discovered she had already mastered all they had to teach her. Yearning to continue her progress, Eudora set foot on the road to the Land of Dawn, believing that her lightning magic could reach new heights in that turbulent land.


~Vivo Selfie Goddess



~Lightning Sorceress

download convert : Yuniwii


don't reupload this mod


Baseball Mask

Monster from  Himitsu Sentai Gorenger

Baseball Mask (野球仮面 Yakyū Kamen) is the last of Volcano Mask Magman's Masked Monsters of the Black Cross Army.



from Super Sentai Legend Wars

picture in GTA SA (Land of Rising Sun)


Convert : Yuniw thanks to : Kaiserrasiser