September 2018



GTA SA Ped skin

This is conversion for character Selena; at the moment to GTA San Andreas.

Selena from Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Publisher : MoonTon.


hero ID = 63

Stories :

In the Southern Moniyan Empire, a bottomless abyss is carved into the barren landscape—As if an ancient demon used a terrifying blade to permanently scare the Land of Dawn. The local populace call this place, The Shadow Abyss.Little does the world know, sealed away at the bottom of the Shadow Abyss lies the Land of Dawn’s most terrifying demon—The Abyss Dominator. Over the many centuries, the seal has slowly faded, giving way to the hungry will of the Abyss. The Demon has tirelessly schemed ways of strengthening his power over the darkness. Many misguided believers offer sacrifices to the Abyss, unknowingly feeding the demon, formed of the dark energy in its purest form, always lurking in the darkness to devour the carcasses of sacrifices. One day, Selena, a young dark elf, was sacrificed by fanatic believers in exchange for dark energy. Elves being the demon’s favorite sacrifice, Selena was mercilessly thrown into the abyss. The Abyss Demon filled Selena with desperation and pain, which coursed through every vein of young body. Just as Selena was about to be consumed by the darkness, a miracle occurred. A mysterious, warm blue light enveloped the her and appeared to battling with the abyssal darkness over her fragile body. When Selena woke, she found herself still lying in the Abyss, but her skin now exuded strange blue glow and her once-lavender eyes were filled with a majestic scarlet glow—The Abyss Demon resting within her. The Demons frantically wondered what had transpired. Little did they know, The Will of the Abyss had just spoken: This girl is loved deeply, and this love has protected her from being consumed by darkness. The abyss and the moon god, two opposing forces, have reached a balance within her body. An ancient and deep voice echoed through the minds of the Demons, Leave this girl to me. She will become the strongest warrior of the Shadow Abyss! The Demons obeyed the commands and left Selena as she was. When Selena stood before the demonic inhabitants of the abyss, with the Abyss Devil at her side, she completely forgotten her past. Selena quickly discovered that she could manipulate the dark magic of the Abyss. She could absorb the power of the Abyss into her body to transform herself into a demoness, capable of tearing her enemies into shreds. The Will of the Abyss appointed her as its voice, giving Selena uncontested rule over the demons of the Abyss. Even Alice, the proud Queen of Blood Magic, felt unsettled when she laid eyes upon the young dark elf—Not only because the Abyss chose Selena, but also because Alice could sense a terrifying power lying within this seemingly-cute and mischievous maiden named, Selena.


~Abyssal Witch

Selena MLBBtoSA convert yuniW


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